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What URL does Roon use to get Tidal data (cover images ets.)?

Hi @John_Adam,

The Roon Core gets all the library information from Roon’s cloud servers, rather than directly from Tidal.
Roon’s servers get this data via a periodic data export from Tidal, we don’t have access to that.

Is your question just out of curiosity or is it connected with the support request you submitted or maybe a new issue you need help with?

One of the computers that hosts the roon front end uses a dummy proxy server to block access to the internet. I can create exceptions to allow specific URLs to bypass the proxy so I need to know the URL for the roon cloud server. This is nothing to do with the earlier issue.

Roonlabs.net is used as the main url for metadata I believe. You will also need the api streams for streaming services open to as it uses those to pull the streams. If you look at server logs it will help you identify them.

Could you explain ‘the api streams’. Can I add them to the urls that bypass the proxy server. Where would I find the server logs?

I’ve created an exception for roonlabs.net but the images for the album covers are still getting blocked. Can anyone explain this api streams thing?

If you look in Roons logs you will find the url for the streams. It comes direct from Tidal or Qobuz for streamed music.

Thanks. But where are these logs?

Hi @John_Adam,

As selectively blocking Internet access is an unsupported use case, I’ve moved this over to #tinkering.

This page from the Roon Help site has details of where Roon’s logs files are located …

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