Tidal Integration Ideas

Here are a few suggestions I have for better integration of Tidal in Roon:

– Roon can add songs to my Tidal library. Why not give me the option to add all tracks in my local library to my Tidal library (assuming off course that all the metadata matches)?

– Sync Favorites between Roon and Tidal.

– Sync playlists between Roon and Tidal.

(If Roon can’t be made to work outside my network, at least the features above would make the Tidal mobile app more useful. I’ve spent literally 15 years curating my music collection in iTunes. I’m OK with doing it again once with Roon or Tidal, but I really don’t want to have to do it again separately on both Roon AND Tidal.)

More ideas:

– It would be great if Roon could automatically play the highest resolution version of an album. If I choose a file is 256Kbps, and the same song+album+version is available at 16/44.1 in Tidal, stream it from Tidal. If I choose a 16/44.1 Tidal song, but I have it locally at 24/96, play my local version. If I choose the 16/44.1 song in Tidal, but Tidal also has it in MQA, give me the MQA version.

– It would be glorious if Roon could use it’s awesome metadata muscle to transfer “Favorites” to new versions of albums on Tidal. For example, if I have “favorited” four tracks on an album, it would be great if Roon could somehow favorite those same four tracks on the new remastered/expanded/deluxe/anniversary/MQA edition of that same album.



I want to use Roon to identify the collection of my favorite songs, as well as create playlists, and then take them with me via the TIDAL mobile app.

Roon is excellent for identifying my favorite music, whether that’s albums or tracks. Any albums I “Add to Library” get added to my albums list in TIDAL. But, if I favorite a song in TIDAL that’s already in my Roon library, it doesn’t get favorited in Roon. Likewise, favoriting a song in Roon doesn’t favorite it in TIDAL.

Favoriting a song in Roon should favorite it in TIDAL so that it gets added to My Music/Tracks.

And yes, sync playlists.


I am a lifetime supporter and also use Soundiiz. If we could export an M3U playlist file containing tidal tracks then Soundiiz could use it…or if a web link could be supplied for the playlist Soundiiz could also use it. Full integration with Soundiiz would be amazing though, and maintains the Roon philosophy not to change your music files at all.


Yes, integration with Soundiiz would be great—perhaps even two-way integration. Soundiiz has its limitations, but it does have the ability to edit Tidal playlists, so that’s something.