TIDAL is verrrrry slow under Roon

TIDAL is extremely slow, no matter if I reboot the Core (QNAP TS453 Roon on SSD and 2x4TB with 16GB RAM) as Roon a Lenovo T520 with i5 QuadCore 480SSD and 8GB RAM is used. - This can not be the problem Audirvana Plus has no problems! Just like the TIDAL app on the notebook … Where is the problem? all other programs work flawlessly only Roon not! It is a Lenovo notebook with Intel HD3000 graphics card, I guess the Roon this probably did not adapt the programming.?

This could be the Intel HD3000 graphics issue assuming it’s the controller not the core where the problem resides - search in the forum and there’s lots of info but 2 things to try are updating to the latest video drivers and installing 32bit rather than 64bit Roon.

Latest graphics driver and Roon 32 bit on it

And if you run the core instead on the Lenovo then how… I would point the finger at the NAS perhaps. Tho I have seen Tidal suffer badly with a bad DNS setting

At the DNS it can not lie the TIDAL and Audirvana Plus work perfectly!
DNS settings from the provider or Google that does not matter

What exactly is slow about Tidal? Is browsing local content ok?

If the core is on your nas, then Roon is playing tidal via the nas. What is running on the Lenovo - Roon remote?

The search and start … the start to the game takes 5-10 seconds

On the Lenovo is nothing else, Roon is controlled via the iPad, but that’s no matter whether on the Lenovo or the iPad on both TIDAL is very slow. but as I said with Audirvana Plus or the TIDAL App does not give these problems

Well I guess that rules out the controller then and you’ve already ruled out DNS issues…sorry, i’m not sure I can offer anything else! Hopefully @support will be able to help.

Let’s see soon I will upgrade, either a NUC from Intel or the cirrus7 nimbus v2 https://www.cirrus7.com

If you want to run ROCK on it, make sure the NUC you buy is one of the supported models:


The NUC8 you mention is unsupported as of yet – as is the Cirrus the Cirrus appears to be based on the NUC7i7DNBE so should be OK:

@Rudolf_Kopmann1 Please explain where your core is running - from your first message all I can assume is that it appears to be on the NAS…this is very different from running your Tidal app on an iPad or windows laptop.

When roon core is running on the NAS it will be using the NAS network settings and this can impact your tidal connection. the Tidal interface is built into the Roon Core

Just trying to help you here…the more info you provide the better…Support will want all these details too. @crieke maybe Chris can offer some help too.

I know, but since I’m going to use it as a media device and the Roon server is running in the background, the power of the Cirrus will be quite sufficient, and thanks to m.2, full speed. But thanks for the hint

@Rudolf_Kopmann1 Rene was referring to using that NUC as a ROCK based Core…running Windows or perhaps Linux on it will be fine.

The Roon server runs on a Qnap TS453 Mini with 16GB Ram the Roon database is on a 120GB SSD and the music on 2x4TB hard disk. The local streaming of the music does not cause any problems. I turn tonight my FritzBox restart and there also enter the DNS server of Google or Quad9, the same time on the NAS

@Rudolf_Kopmann1 Maybe you can post a screen shot of your network settings for the NAS and likewise for your laptop. I have personally messed up a DNS entry on a NUC and tidal was unusable, yet local music was fine. Sometimes these things can be hard to find but clearly the issue lies with the NAS and Tidal combination.

maybe the Tidal delays are inherent with the way roon implements its connectivity. My tidal tracks start after 4 or so seconds…the tidal app is indeed faster. But I don’t see delays of 10 seconds.

Also what is your Roon library doing at this time…is it still doing any music analysis or importing of tracks?

I’m going to try everything this evening, just thought maybe someone had something similar. Contact me if I have tested everything and if it works then a solution

Roon does not do any more analysis or anything else. no upsampling no DSP nothing set. MQA does the Brooklyn Dac