TIDAL keeps disconnecting/spinning icon


The behaviour is totally random so no time frame. Sometimes it works for a day, sometimes not at all, sometimes a week but not much longer. Login to Tidal also is hit or miss. You have to go to an external website of Tidal, after login it says you are done and offers to open Roon but many times Roon does not accept this login, so have to do it again etc. etc…

Also no error messages from Roon itself, just a spinning circle at Tidal login in Services…

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No news yet from the Roon guys? This is getting really annoying(!), especially during lockdown here in NL. If there ever was a time for Roon/Tidal and music in general it is now…

Also i see a number of topics dealing with basically the same issues. So perhaps a moderator can combine these into one. This makes it easier to follow any news/input…


Been getting this too since last update. Been up for a few days at the moment.

Hi @Sander_van_der_Wel,

Can you please note the exact local time + date this behavior next occurs?
When this issue occurs, is local content still working as expected?

Will keep a log the coming week but i obviously will not sit waiting looking at the time when the spinning wheel comes up… Local content plays normally…

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I couldn’t agree more, I bought the Nucleus because I just wanted to access my playlists from Tidal (no local content) anytime I want instead of previously having to turn on and off my Mac Pro so I’d expect these type of issues to be non-existing!
Surely there is a fix for this, let’s hope the support team can resolve this issue soon!

Hi @Sander_van_der_Wel,

You don’t need to keep track of the exact minute it pops up, if you could let me know whenever you do use the Core and see the message, that would be helpful in giving us a window of the issue occurrence if we need to cross-reference logs.

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@ Noris, its completely random. Sometimes it works for an hour and sometimes a day. But…

I may have found a direction to look at. Yesterday some work was done to our fibre lines to the house so i had to reset the router. I noticed that i was using the ISP’s standard DNS servers for the DHCP setings while i usually use the google DNS servers ( / for devices with a fixed IP. So i changed this and voila, so far so good with regards to Tidal not dropping the login/playback. I will keep you posted, so far this is the longest it has worked since the trouble started…

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Hi @Sander_van_der_Wel,

Thanks for the update here, glad to hear the DNS change has helped. Do let me know if the issue remains resolved after the weekend.


Hoi Sander,

Any recurring problems? I’ve got the same problem, but DNS change did not help.

Groetjes Dimitri

Happened again to me last night to.

So DNS change worked for a couple of days but since this morning the problem has returned. Time for action from the Roon team i guess…

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It’s definitely not a DNS issue it has to be a bug introduced in last update. Never had any Tidal issues at all until last update. Nothing else has changed.

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