TIDAL Loading Slowly - Devialet Expert 220 & Mytek Brooklyn

I have also have the „Tidal slow loading“ message with a Roon Rock NUC, a Devialet Expert Pro 220 but also with an Allo Usbrigde via USB to Mytek Booklyn DAC+. So it’s not only a ROON RAAT endpoint issue.

1Gbit Ethernet network. 400 MBit cable internet.

Hi @midi,

I have split your post from the previous thread since you mention that this issue occurs on both Devialet and Mytek zones. The previous thread discusses just the Devialet zones so I think it may not be the same issue here. A few questions:

  • How often does this behavior occur?
  • Does rebooting the Core resolve the issue?
  • Can you please try to play to the ROCK’s HDMI zone and let me know if you experience the same issue?
  • What is your network setup like? List the model/manufacturer of your router and any other networking gear.
  • What is the exact local time (e.g. 7:27PM) when this issue occurs? Please provide 2-3 timestamps if possible.



  1. It occurs often. I have tested a lot of MQA TIDAL tracks in five minutes and it occurs three times.
  2. After rebooting - about 2 minutes, same problem: 21:09 pm, but most of the time ok.
  3. HDMI ? Could you give me a step by step manual for this ? I have no devices with HDMI input.
  4. FritzBox 6490 Cable router and modem/switch/ethernet CAT7/different switches/more than 30 devices conntected to the ethernet gigabit network…
  5. 22:12PM; 22:14PM; 22.17PM

Hello @midi,

Thanks for letting me know that info and those timestamps. I wanted to let you know that we are actively investigating an issue with Devialet on Gigabit connections as mentioned in this thread:

As far as we can tell, if you limit the connection speeds to 100mbps instead of using gigabit, the issue does not occur, but it is not clear what triggers this behavior at the present time.

Do you by any chance have the option of connecting the Devlialet to a 100mbps port instead of a gigabit port and if you do, does that change anything with regards to the first few seconds of song getting cut off?


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Hello @midi,

I’d like to try to simplify your setup here a bit to see if there could be other possible causes for this issue. You mentioned that you have a FritzBox router and many different switches in this setup.

If you connect the Mytek Brooklyn to the first switch after the router, is the behavior the same? What kind of switches are these, are they managed or un-managed?

Does the same behavior occur on a non-ROCK core as well?


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