Tidal Master Radio Stations

I have just noticed that Tidal have section called Tidal Radio Stations (Masters) and I am wondering if these are acceptable through Roon. They appear to be just themed playlists but have some great tracks…

Any ideas of how to access them?

Just tried in Tidal App

Select a master radio list
3 dots on RHS of first track
Add to playlist
Create new playlist

All 50 tracks copy

It should show up in Roon my playlists soon it sometimes takes a while

It works for MyMix playlists

Took about 10 mins but now shows in my playlist section

Hi Mike, many thanks on how to get access to these Master Radio Stations on Roon…I followed your instructions and it worked. It took a while as you mentioned but working now. Have a great Christmas and happy Roon listening.