TIDAL Masters MQA 24/96 Streaming - how I got it to work in Roon

So I got the official announcement from Tidal that their masters will ‘typically’ be 24/96.

I had a browse round all the long confusing threads and just wanted to put at the top of this one for the next guy how I got mine to work.

Of course you need 24/96 supported endpoint hardware etc.

All I do is search in the Tidal app under Albums, then Masters. Anything I like I then search for in Roon and it’s added straight into roon. E.g. here’s the signal path showing Roon streaming 24/48

I haven’t found a way to single out the 24bit tracks in Roon yet, if anyone finds real way’s to use / find this in Roon, that would be great to add to the thread.

Hopefully Roon provide a way of Automatically upgrading one’s library.

The email message I got:

The volume leveling will likely destroy the MQA information. With Roon as it as at the moment you have to pass MQA bit perfect to a DAC that can decode it volume levelling makes it not bit perfect.

Thanks, just turned that on yesterday, wouldn’t normally but doing a lot of work in the office and my stereo has no remote - it get’s very annoying. I did read that Roon ‘says’ it’s lossless, though I guess you’re right it can’t be bit perfect because it’s no longer the same data.

Start diving into the many different MQA threads. Tidal isn’t proving HD PCM content in the traditional sense. Currently you need a MQA capable DAC to get it in it’s full magic through Roon. Volume levelling won’t work in this case. Hopefully soon Roon will be able to decode MQA at which point volume levelling will be an option again.

MQA support would be fantastic!

For general Roon Tidal MQA comments can you use the other existing topics … we don’t want too many new topics spawning.

Carl, not sure what you mean, but this was not meant to be general, more a ‘quick’ - how to make it work - which the other threads definitely do not provide when I read them. Perhaps someone can write up a sticky / kb on that, then abandon this thread?

Hi @marshalleq,
I should have been clearer … my comment was not aimed at this topic (if it had been I would have merged topics and PMed you), it was to directed others with more general MQA questions to post in the existing topics, not this one, so that we do not end up with 20 general MQA topics.