Tidal masters quality

I am trying to understand the tidal masters.
Am i right in thinking they are studio master quality because looking at the information for the Yes album by the band Yes.In the credits section it says it is the 1994 release
Sorry if i am not understanding things.

From Tidal’s website: https://support.tidal.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000397069-TIDAL-MASTERS

If it’s MQA Studio it is certified as a Studio Master. If it’s Just MQA, then it’s an MQA file but provenance is not confirmed or it’s not the final mix.

It is a Hifi/Master album.

Masters are MQA and you need an MQA DAC to fully unfold them. Tidal and Roon will do the first unfold. Otherwise you get CD quality.
You can see the MQA status in your signal path