Tidal media is loading slowly ... networking or connectivity problem

Hello, I am playing Roon via Auralic Altair streaming Dac. The whole time I have problem that the music stops with the message as in the topic. Playing “system output” is ok. I think the problem is by playing MQA files. I read every questions with the same problem but every one is different. I think it is a problem between my Auralic and roon. My internet connection is 30 mbs and I am playing wired, so I don’t think it is a network problem because playing via Auralic Lighting DS i ok. I also clear the Tidal cache.

Any ideas what can help?

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Hello and Welcome. I had a similar issue last week. Power cycled my router to clear it up. May not be the same for you.

Same for me. Since months. Tidal and Roon = unreliable. Perhaps in Europe only. I’m hoping it will be better with Quobuz. At least they confirmed having servers in Ireland. I’m through with all those common recommendations: restart, buffer, cache, DNS…
My ROCK NUC is powerful, my ISP bandwidth is more than enough. I never experienced any disruptions while using Tidal apps on different devices. I really like to use roon with my local library. But again and again I’m annoyed with that unlucky streaming combination.


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I am having the same problem as well and I wonder how many people do too. If other Roon users are having trouble with Tidal or other streaming services loading then chime in on the discussion.

I, personally, am tired of seeing the ‘Tidal is loading too slowly…’ error message. I have been a Roon user for quite a while and initially never saw this error message or had a problem. Now it has become so frequent it renders my use of Roon to luck of the draw at times.

I recognize that Roon credits this error message to a network issue but I have chased that rabbit around and around with no result. All the more confusing is that on the days/nights when Roon gives me that error message I can play Tidal off of another app (mconnect) through the exact same audio equipment with no problem. Is it because the Roon software is much more complex and processes the signal that much differently than a similar but simpler app? The sound quality is not as good but close and at least I can enjoy some music.

I am not a tech wizard as some seem to be on this community so perhaps someone can elucidate as to how a simple app plays with no issues but Roon cannot load the Tidal selections. This happens whether I am running via WiFi or ethernet cable.

I note that I have more frequent problems as Roon has updated versions and become more complex. It may be a coincidence but there it is for me.

I am a Roon lifer and I used to recommend it to all new audiophiles but I have stopped doing that. If Roon is so finicky that a person needs a direct link to a network expert then it is not worth telling people about.

I recently bought my son a Bluesound Node 2i and it has streamed Tidal without a problem so far. It took all of a few minutes to set it up and we were rocking to the tunes. The Node 2i is Roon Ready but he hasn’t bothered to access Roon over it as he is familiar with the problems in our house dedicated audio room. He is getting music via Tidal - Node 2i and enjoying the sounds. Isn’t that the goal?

Frustrated? You bet!


My solution was to cancel my Tidal subscription and move over to Qobuz.
I have no interrupted streaming experienced ever since.

In order to rule out potential reasons for the issue my observations were:

  • Tidal streaming interruptions not only with Roon but later - though infrequently - also with Bluesound devices and Tidal native apps on iOS devices.
  • I could always circumvent the issue immediately using a US VPN server while leaving unchanged anything else like device, app, playlist.
  • During my 1 month trial period with Qobuz I let Roon radio decide which tracks to play from either Tidal or Qobuz. Without a single exception whenever streaming was interrupted the track was played from Tidal. As long as the source was Qobuz the streaming experience was error free.

The situation and the corresponding solution will be different dependent on each users country.
I’d suggest any European Tidal customer with continuous streaming issues could try if they can improve their streaming reliability with a free 1 month Qobuz trial period.

Yes I’m getting this message also.

Edit… I turned everything off. Modem and router. Now I have Tidal working again

Edit 2…so tidal is not loading correctly. I can play music from tidal, but I get failed to load albums message. When I click on Playlist from tidal, it shows that there is no music in the Playlists

Another thing I noticed is that if I select any artist, roon is only showing me albums I own, and not anything from tidzl

Tidal has been very slow for me for weeks. I have a thread on it where @noris has been helping me troubleshoot but nothing has helped: Tidal very slow, Qobuz very fast

For me, I don’t get any error messages, but loading anything from Tidal takes 10-15+ seconds - playing tracks, simply going to the Tidal “home page” via the left menu in Roon, etc. Qobuz is lightning quick.

I’m in the USA, FWIW.

I’m posting here not to duplicate my thread but just to let others and Roon know another user is having this issue and its ongoing/persistent.

Ok, my tidal seems to be working fine now

So…this seems to be daily now. If tidal works its painfully slow. 15 to 30 sec to load. I just give up.

And local library runs fine. I have a few dsd 64 albums and they are running without issues.

Hello Kai,

Thank you for the suggested solution. Unfortunately, I am in Canada and Qobuz is not offered here yet.

Your experience with Roon Radio and Tidal/Qobuz is telling although it is a single data point.

Today I have streamed Tidal via Roon with some interruption early on and then no problem. When I did have trouble I switched to Tidal via Mconnect and it was fine. Later on it ran flawlessly on Roon.

I am happy it ran adequately for a while. I was experimenting with speaker placement today so I wanted my best available sound to assess the changes. I moved the front baffle distance from 45" off the front wall to 60", and moved the side of the speaker from 24" to 28" off the side walls. I liked the changes to the soundstage which was the intent.

It put a music smile on my face!