Tidal media is loading slowly ... networking or connectivity problem

Hello, I am playing Roon via Auralic Altair streaming Dac. The whole time I have problem that the music stops with the message as in the topic. Playing “system output” is ok. I think the problem is by playing MQA files. I read every questions with the same problem but every one is different. I think it is a problem between my Auralic and roon. My internet connection is 30 mbs and I am playing wired, so I don’t think it is a network problem because playing via Auralic Lighting DS i ok. I also clear the Tidal cache.

Any ideas what can help?

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Hello and Welcome. I had a similar issue last week. Power cycled my router to clear it up. May not be the same for you.

Same for me. Since months. Tidal and Roon = unreliable. Perhaps in Europe only. I’m hoping it will be better with Quobuz. At least they confirmed having servers in Ireland. I’m through with all those common recommendations: restart, buffer, cache, DNS…
My ROCK NUC is powerful, my ISP bandwidth is more than enough. I never experienced any disruptions while using Tidal apps on different devices. I really like to use roon with my local library. But again and again I’m annoyed with that unlucky streaming combination.


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