TIDAL metadata sync resolved 08-Dec-2023

Everyone, we believe the issues associated with the unavailability of TIDAL albums for library sync and playback are mainly, if not fully, resolved.

You should find that you can now access and play albums in Roon released today (e.g. today’s releases from Neil Young, Porcupine Tree, and The Killers) and in the last two weeks (e.g. Peter Gabriel’s i/o).

Note that many of these albums may not be indexed for direct search yet, but should be later on today or tomorrow. In the interim, you can try going to an artist’s Discography in Roon or use direct sync of favourites from a TIDAL app.

We’d like to apologize once again for the inconvenience caused by this extended “outage” which was beyond our control. Although we can never guarantee there won’t be such issues in the future, both we and TIDAL have made changes so that this situation is unlikely occur in the future.