Tidal MQA on build 242

So the new build 242 allows for the Tidal MQA tracks to show up on signal path.

See pic.

However, my non-MQA DAC (Holo Spring) still shows the lowest frequency of 48 on the display, so it’s not getting the higher resolution indicated on the MQA Tidal file signal path.

I read the release notes saying something like “allowing partners” to accomplish this (assuming endpoint partners such microRendu?), but can’t figure out what it means.

Can someone please explain in plain English?


That seems exactly as is should be: as of Build 242, Roon is capable of detecting MQA files and sending them to MQA capable RoonReady devices for decoding (note that manufacturers of said devices will need to implement the updated SDK, which will take some time).

Roon does not as of yet decode/unfold MQA by itself in software (no news on that yet), so it relies on hardware-capable devices on the other end of the line. In your case, using a non-MQA capable DAC, the files will be treated as regular 48/24 FLACs.

Thanks! Who will need to implement the updated SDK? The DAC manufacturers, or the endpoint ones (such microRendu)?

If the DAC ones (Mytek Brooklyn, Meridian, etc.), isn’t this no different than what used to be prior to 242 build?

It will be DAC manufacturers. This is no different for stand alone MQA enabled DACs but for network devices such as the Bluesound streamers they need to be told MQA is incoming which their own software could do but Roon couldn’t.

I sincerely don’t understand what is the benefit to show MQA on signal path when you can’t recognize MQA files in Roon…
Please bring us a MQA mark in Tidal files like the M in tidal app!

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It’s a start of the process. Also using this we determined that Neil Youngs albums are no longer MQA.
I find it interesting to see the original sample rate.
Roon is evolving so anything in the right direction is useful.

Build 242 now articulates if the track being listened to is an MQA track in the Roon signal path. You still need an MQA capable DAC to fully decipher it. This is a good first step. Do you have an MQA DAC @Andrea_Tacchetti?

Looks like the latest build, Roon can detect the final ‘unfold’ sampling frequencies. This is a good step, there’s a high possibility Roon will eventually do a full decode based on this final detection.

It will be a joy for many of us, including me who already own a high-end DAC like Holo Spring that can ‘unfold’ up to 384kHz!

No I haven’t a MQA capable DAC and I don’t plan to have one but I’m waiting to MQA software unfolding in Roon and I’d like to be able to choose MQA Tidal files within Roon.
Anyway if this is only the start if the process it’s OK for me!

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