Tidal “My mixes” in Roon [Released in Roon 1.8 (Build 806)]

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When will Tidal “My mixes” be available through the Roon API?
It is available through Squeezebox and Mconnect API


Try this:

That is a clumsy way to do it. Especially as the mixes change once a week.
I will prefer them available directly, as in Squeezebox and Mconncet.


This is a capability I would value very much as well. Tidal’s My Mixes are excellent and Roon would be much more valuable if I could see these from Roon.



I don’t see that you can save a mix as a playlist in Tidal.


In Tidal, open the mix

Click the create playlist and either wait a bit, or re-sync in Roon, and the new playlist will appear.

Ah, I thought it made an empty playlist when I pressed that button, but when I named it, it was populated with the mix. Thanks!


Sonos now has access to My Mixes, not sure how new that is. Would appreciate it in Roon.

The option has been available in Aurender for years…

Br. Morten

+1 for this long awaited feature.

Would also really like to be able to add tracks to my personal Tidal playlists through Roon.

Lumin app also supports Tidal “My Mixes” since the last update.
Would be great to have direct access via Roon.

If you do this, then you only have a Static playlist of a mymix playlist. The genious about “Tidal Mimixes” is that the change in accordance to, what you have listened to lately…

I would as well really appreciate to have this feature in availible soon!

Dynamic lists like “Mixes for You” and “Radio Stations For You” should be made available in Roon and remain dynamic. Creating a static list as a work around defeats the intent of this Tidal feature.

Hope this is on the feature request list!


I agree this is a much needed feature in Roon. I use these all of the time on Spotify and now that I have transitioned to Roon/Tidal I would love that feature DIRECTLY in Roon.

I have the Tidal App on my Mac desktop but I would rather use Roon directly.


Any update about this feature?
I know that Bluesound implemented these mixes a couple of months ago.
I would love to see them in Roon also. The suggestion to save the mix as a playlist is not so usefull, as like said before, the mix changes based on what you listen.

I can imagine from the viewpoint of roon, that they have ’ discover’ functionality too, but I think Tidals one is great too!


What I honestly don’t understand is that considering the fact that this feature has been requested by the Roonies since at least 2018 ( https://community.roonlabs.com/t/tidal-my-mix-in-roon/55613 ), there is still apparently no effort on the part of the developers to address this issue.

Is it too much to ask to write a few words to the community about this?

Maybe there are understandable reasons why this feature cannot be implemented in Roon. Keeping quiet about this topic is certainly not the solution, since it is obviously a feature that many Roon users have been longingly waiting for.


Fully agree! It would be good to have the “official” view of Roon on this long standing issue (which BTW is fully implemented in “lesser” type of programs…).

Totally agree! Missing this too.

It was missing in BluOS and it took a lot of time before it became part of the software. They implemented this feature last year. Great! And it shows that it is possible.

I really love roon radio, but miss the playlists that are tailored for me based on what I listened. And that is exactly what the mixes do!

Dear Roonlabs

Can you please comment on this. As you can see. Many Roonies want this. And this for a long time.