Tidal new albums

In Tidal, when I do Genres -> Jazz (say) -> New albums, I get a whole bunch of albums, but these are not all the new albums added to Tidal or new releases added to Tidal. Tidal seems to pick some to display.

Is there any way to filter & display albums newly added to Tidal or new releases added to Tidal ?

Anyone figure how to get around this? The same problem continues.

Hi Cemil

The new albums section in Roon is the same as the new albums section in the Tidal native apps (Mac/Win/iOS/Android), though right?

But I think I know what you mean - there are more Jazz albums added weekly to Tidal that aren’t shown in the ‘New Albums’ section, in both the Tidal native apps and in Roon?

If that’s your issue, I have the same issue with the R&B genre and other genres too but that’s not a Roon problem, it’s a Tidal problem. I’ve written to Tidal support numerous times about it.

Apologies if I’ve misunderstood your issue.


Hi Sean,

You’ve understood me precisely. Indeed, I don’t get the full list list of new albums, even when using the Tidal app. They add 4-6 titles to the ‘new’ list every week, but they’re actually uploading dozens, if not hundreds.


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Yep, it’s annoyed me for a couple years.

It’s the same with the Tidal native app which means you/we need to write to Tidal about it. It’s not a Roon specific issue.

I can see/play the new Nick Minaj album “Queen” in the native Tidal app, but it does not even come up in a search in Roon.

Is the Roon - Tidal integration delayed?