TIDAL: no, thanks

my top albums in TIDAL

basically, because i’m italian, top albums are mostly italian.
and basically, they are bullshit.

and if i make a check to a (random chosen) favourite:

hey, come on!?? where’s the rest???

so… that’s why I rely on MY OWN library, that’s why I consider streaming services quite … useless.
spotify… yes, i don’t expect much…
but also tidal is quite disappointing. in my experience, also streaming quality is quite sloppy.
I’ve got a 6 month free offer on tidal, but i’m sure i’m not going on with that.

i’d like to give a try to qobuz.

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No system is going to be able to identify your tastes. If that is what you expect from a streaming service you are going to be disappointed by them all. It is like walking into a record shop and only seeing records you like.

Spotify does a really really good job, in my own experience… Over time, the “Made For You” section of Spotify became scarily good - again for me.

Not just ‘Discover Weekly’ but ‘Release Radar’ for newly released tracks based on music you listen to and artists you follow…

This was an interesting read:

This guy seems to think so too :grin:

How much have you listened? How much have you added to your library? Do you get the My Mixes in Italy? What shows up in the because you listened to section or the suggestions for your sections? I don’t think the examples you show are personalized. I get so many good suggestions based on what Tidal knows I like. I have added many playlists, artists, and albums to give them something to work with. By the way Qobuz is outstanding. Hope you get a chance to check it out.

You have to use them for it to start to learn what you like, it’s not physcic. Both Spotify and Tidal for me as been using for years are exceptionally good now at presenting me with discovery of new music and recommendations.


Tidal’s ‘suggested new tracks’ and ‘suggest new albums’ (only available in the official Tidal apps at the moment) is really good.

Spotify is the gold standard.

Apple Music is an absolute joke. Specifically their ‘For You’ section. It’s a major frustration among many people.

All these music streaming services are ‘works in progress’. AI doesn’t exist, and I don’t think you can expect too much with respect to focused recommendations. Patience…

Check out the link I posted above… it’s an interesting read…

I understand why a lot of people find the presentation of Tidal frustrating even though it doesn’t bother me personally. I think they’ve rowed back from the early days when everything up front was the big pop artists no matter what your personal preferences but yes the first thing you see is ‘Featured’ which is presumably the stuff they are getting paid to promote or at least have a deal with in some way (Incidentally I’m in italy too).

The Suggested New Albums and Mixes for You seem perfectly reasonable tbh based on my play history.

Having said that I’m not someone who bothers with playlists or uses Tidal as my discovery tool for new music so it doesn’t impact me much.

Fundamentally all the main streaming services are primarily repositories for a vast music catalogue and isn’t that the main thing you are paying for?


I was with Spotify long before I went to Tidal. The one thing Spotify cannot cater for is a need for music in the best quality possible. :slightly_smiling_face:
That to me matters way more than it ‘anticipating’ my tastes. But I suppose it is personal choice. And being wedded to Roon, Spotify doesn’t work for me!

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Ah yes but sound quality wasn’t the discussion up to this point. That part is dead obvious… Spotify is an incredible discovery tool. If it ever offers CD quality (like they were testing just a couple of years ago)…

Well in that case, to get back on topic, Tidal, yes please! :kissing_heart:

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I’ve been using Tidal and Qobuz quite differently and quite happily.

  1. Play a track you like
  2. Let radio roll
  3. When you hear a track you like, look up the album and artist
  4. Add to library

Tidal and Qobuz will know your adds and put them in your favorites to have available using the service directly. This works very well for Jazz. I’ve added many European jazz artists and young US jazz artists I never would have discovered otherwise.


Same here. No more Tidal or Qobuz for me for similar reasons. Heck, I even moved down to the free Spotify subscription. Now I just use Pandora & DI to discover new music in order to buy albums or individual songs to add to my own library.

I can understand not wanting to deal with the unintended misdirection. But personally, I think the extensive hyperlinking and ability to mine the collective metadata for new discoveries the best part of Roon. I can spend an afternoon starting in one place and clicking over, eventually, to a whole other area I never knew about. Forty million tracks with associated data is a pretty rich vein to mine.
Not saying that can’t be done otherwise (I’ve never used Spotify). But the integration of Tidal and/or Qobuz’s data in such a way is invaluable for me.