Tidal not available in my Country

I would love to have access to high quality music such as Tidal. I live in Honduras and Tidal is not available in this country. Is there a work-around for this or can someone suggest an alternative?


Try using a VPN (for example the Hola browser plugin) to sign up. Once you have the account you may find that the music will stream regardless of where you are.

Thank you Norliss… will give it a try

How do I get the browser on the mini computer. Normally I access Roon via my computer

Not sure what you mean by ‘mini computer’ but you can do this on any computer using a browser that supports the plugin. In other words - you only need this to set up the Tidal account.

OK… will try thanks again

OK… installed Hola VPN on my lap top and then tried to signup for Tidal but gave the same error.
“Not available in my country”. Perhaps I am doing something wrong.

You have to choose which country you want to appear to be from.

Working great now… Thanks