TIDAL not loading albums (UK) [Resolved]

I have tried logging out of TIDAL etc, but no joy in displaying albums. Tidal Playlists are showing.

Is there some kind of service interruption?

TIDAL is looking OK via the web.

Hi Mark,

I’ve just loaded “The Weekly Brew” playlist and is seem ok when playing it.
Also loaded Bjork - Vulnicure Live, and that too loaded and is playing.

My ISP is VirginMedia, I wonder if it’s a local interruption in your area?

I’m VM too. Portions of TIDAL are loading up, and I can access albums already in the library.

As I said, Tidal web app is running OK.

Hi Mark,

And you thought there wouldn’t be consequences to Brexit. :laughing:

Try shutting down your Roon Core app and restarting. That’s helped other people.

Cheers, Greg

Cheers Greg, I’ll give that a go. Up to now I have only restarted my remote. Will report back later.

Sorted, thank you.