Tidal not loading through Roon

I am in the UK and I am experiencing issues with Tidal, when accessed via Roon. Songs skip or freeze, I cannot load the tidal interface at all via Roon today, even though a tidal song is playing. I use Zen internet, and achieve 70mb+ speeds, they never shape traffic or squeeze bandwidth at all, so it is definitely not an ISP issue.

Also in searches no tidal albums will show, are there any issues that are known for Roon and Tidal ??

I have been using Tidal through Roon for a while with no issues. There have been no hardware changes.

Is everyone experiencing Tidal issues?

Try rebooting your Roon core (server). Apologies if it appears too obvious, but it really has cured lots of temporarily Tidal-wise confused cores.

I have tried that a few times, it cures it for a while, then the same issue occurs. It can’t make it through an album without the problems starting.

It permanently says syncing library now in the tidal settings …

I had the same problem and could not sort so did not purchase, shame as I liked Roon.

Hi Jason,

Did you get this sorted?

Let’s ask @support to take a look.

Cheers, Greg