Tidal not showing complete album issue

if i have say two songs from an album that i purchased on iTunes or only imported two tracks from a cd the result is that when you search that artist and go to your main albums for that artist it does not show the complete album and when you go to the tidal tab that gives you all the works from that artist that album that i only imported a couple tracks is completely absent from all that artists work.


I’m having a similar issue. I find that if I look at an artist page for which I have a few albums, say XTC, the Tidal album listings for that artist exclude those that are in my collection.

This might seem to make sense at first glance, however if I have a different version of an album in my collection than Tidal (say, original release of XTC Skylarking vs 2003 re-release) I have no opportunity to discover or play the Tidal version.

Furthermore, if my collection only contains an MP3 version of an album, I would like to know that Tidal has that album even if it’s the same release (as Tidal will be lossless).

I’d propose that Roon show different versions of the same album AND consider the format (mp3, flac, lossless streaming, etc). When the versions are different, it should be easy to tell from the album list.

Thanks. Keep up the good work!

The other Tidal issue I have found is that Roon brings up no Eurythmics albums nor Tidal link on that page whilst through the web browser there is an extensive Tidal discography.

Now have Tidal Eurythmics after some investigation. The only Eurythmic album I have in my collection is a vinyl rip to 24bit 96 of an obscure EP. Roon for some unkown reason has problems with the metadata. It sees the track names, artist, year of release but not the cover art.

When I delete the EP, Tidal Eurythmics appears. The only way I can have both Tidal and the EP was to rename the EP artist Eurythmicsvinyl.

A work around but hopefully when more work on metadata editing is done this issue can be resolved.

So this is still an issue with 1.1 I have one track purchased from OMD “Crush” for iTunes in 256K quality. The album showed up in my collect with the one track but did not show up in Tidal’s available albums. I had to delete the file from my iTunes library in order for it to be shown in Tidal.

I was hoping there can be an option in settings to show all Tidal albums. It’s already in separate section, so I wouldn’t mind seeing Tidal’s full library even if it’s duplicates of my own library especial when either have just a few tracks or a lower quality version.

I also think current method needs to be fixed show album in Tidal if local collection is not complete album or quality is low.

I have the same issue. Having bought one song from Abbey Road blocks the whole album from showing up in Tidal. I can of course click “Other Versions” and “View album on Tidal”, but I think this need a better fix.