TIDAL now on Apple CarPlay

Just in case you didn’t hear, you can now stream TIDAL in the car. I haven’t tried it yet but I like that it’s there now. I hope this helps TIDAL stay healthy. I love Roon with TIDAL streaming.


I’m using it daily and it works great!

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Just speculation, but after rumors of Apple offering high res audio last year, now Tidal appears on Apple TV and Apple Car Play.

Might we see Apple taking over Tidal in the near future? I wonder.

What do you see as an affirmative reason for Apple to acquire Tidal? Tidal’s MQA deal and related infrastructure?

Did I state "an affirmative reason”?

No. On the contrary, I explicitly wrote: "Just speculation”.

Right after I wrote that it was “Just speculation” I named some event that led me to speculate.

That’s cool. I was just interested in your opinion.

David I apologize for the combative tone of my reaction. I seem to have completely misread what you wrote. I was very tired and a bit stressed. Sorry about that.

I was thinking about the rumors of Apple Music going high res and the fact that at this moment Tidal is getting access to Apple devices. As far as I know other streaming services are not accepted on Apple tv and Apple car play. Imagine Spotify being on Apple tv.

So from that point on I was speculating that perhaps Apple might be interested in Tidal. As indeed, Tidal’s MQA deal and related infrastructure might be a bonus for Apple.

Since speculation deals with the potential and not with the actual we’ll have to wait and see what happens, especially what will happen with the Tidal integration with Roon when this becomes an actual.