TIDAL on Plex...yikes!

(Brad Sweet) #81

Yes the CCA isn’t working… but I was hoping I could select players with RasPlex headless as you had suggested. I just didn’t know if RasPlex allowed grouping.

(Mike O'Neill) #82

Wash my Mouth out …

If Roon doesn’t come up with external internet access, it’s already a feature of JRiver with equivalent sound quality to Roon

I still run it in parallel for video , despite all deserters it is a good product at $60 once off and $20 per annum if you want to keep up


After a few days with Plex+Tidal I’m pretty happy with the combo as a mobile solution for music. I’ve used Plex since OSXMBC days and been a lifetime PlexPass holder since they offered it. Plex isn’t perfect by any means but it doesn’t pretend to be. It’s ability to stream local content outside the LAN is fantastic and syncing of content is also great for mobility. Because this new integration I’ve happily cancelled my iTunes Match subscription. @Elan_Feingold - what do you think of the Roon way of doing music?

(Philip Murray) #84

Using MacOS Mojave, I get Error code: h4 (Codec) on some tracks and Playback Error: An error occurred loading items to play for others. Some tracks will play. Unless I have set it up incorrectly (highly possible) then I will stick to the TIDAL interface or through Roon.

(Mike Ormerod) #85

I get the same and agree it’s less than ideal. I use Roon (with Tidal) at home for music & Plex for video. But until Roon releases a mobile capability, Plex on iOS is a good stop gap for playing local music on the go now with the added benefit of Tidal integration.

(Elan Feingold) #86

Well, I’m not exactly an unbiased observer here :sweat_smile: I respect their goal of high quality playback, and their device support is quite good. We had slightly different philosophies with the TIDAL integration, and we’ve taken some huge steps towards making our own audio player stack best-in-class for audio.

With both Plex and Roon offering different things, consumers benefit by having choices…

(Derek Wyman) #87

As are many users here, I’m a long time/lifetime Plex user. During my transition from foobar (to the 21st century lol) I really wanted plex to be the answer. Then I found Roon.

The music side of Plex has come a long way since it’s introduction and with tidal is a very nice mobile/AA solution filling in a gap in the Roon ecosystem atm.

Plex’s two biggest hold ups I have on the music end are (1) the PMP which is a mess on windows (dedicated music player would solve a lot of issues but probably doesn’t fit into what they are going for) and (2) the server’s handling of large libraries. I recently had a catastrophic HD failure and had to rebuild my library. It took roon about 20 minutes for a full/clean scan. Plex took between 7 and 12 hours (I fell asleep lol).

That being said, Tidal integration in both is great. If nothing else it gives me hope Tidal will survive for a few more years.

(Brian G) #88

Agreed. The price is very hard to justify for a player. I love Roon but do I love it $500? or $119/year? That doesn’t even provide a streaming service…

(Luke Boyce) #89

Mind if I ask how you got Plex on iOS to work with your Hugo? I’ve got my Hi-Res library set-up on Plex as well but the Plex iOS app downsamples everything to 44.1 on my Mojo and I know that Plex can stream lossless files (except for DSD which is always converts to PCM).

(Jeff) #90

To be honest, Plex does remote access and syncing to mobile devices that’s the only 1 up it has over Roon. Everything else music really isn’t in the same league.

Obviously that 1 feature is rather important to allot of Rooners and we’ve been wanting it for quite some time.

Now when it comes to TV and Movies, god bless Plex!


Another Plex Pass lifetime member here, and Roon lifetime member. I personally do not have any faith in Plex’s ability to execute music well. They’ve been making more of an effort with music of late, but this Tidal announcement (like so much of what they do) was half-baked and buggy.

As others have said, Plex is a solid option for movies and tv shows, but still has a long way to go to catch-up with Roon in the music department.

But I’m all for competition and perhaps this will push Roon to add syncing to mobile devices, etc.


All I did was change audio streaming to “original” and it outputs native. But I did notice that if I try to Sync audio files to device, that it does transcode them first.