Tidal-only subscription for Roon

Hello all,

Happy Tidal user here, the latest mobile Tidal app versions have much improved. For users that play 99% from streaming services, the only thing lacking from Tidal are all transport and audio features of Roon. For example the integration of Roon with Devialet sounds great while streaming from Tidal! Good stuff.

My suggestion: offer a Roon subscription for Tidal-only usage, where the Roon local library and meta data is fully replaced by Tidal favorites and playlists.

The Roon local library and meta data features are adding amazing complexity to Tidal, which I cannot explain to my household. The suggested offering will make Tidal+Roon much stronger than Spotify.

Curious to read your vision on this.



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Roon already does this. You don’t have to add local content.

I’m confused to what you are looking for?


I’m guessing @Bert_Koelewijn has in mind a lower-cost Tidal-only subscription.

Another ploy to finagle less money. You’ll have to pardon @Bert_Koelewijn, he only joined the forum 1 hour before he posted, so he doesn’t understand all the angles have already been tried to get out of paying Roon for what it’s worth.


we could offer this, but it wouldnt be any cheaper.


Main driver is to reduce complexity. To be very specific:

  1. Simplified app: (a) Work with Tidal to build-in bare Roon control functionality in their apps or (b) strip down the Roon app for Tidal-only usage.

  2. Enable add-to-playlist function for Tidal playlists.

  3. Enable marking favorites for Tidal.

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But then Roon have to either develop a separate app (which costs them more money) or include additional complexity in an already complex app (which means increased testing to make sure that new builds don’t have additional bugs introduced each time).

Either way it adds additional costs to Roon Labs.

I’m new to Roon (previously an Audirvana Plus user), and I use it exclusively for Tidal. Very simple to use.
As well as the DSP sound tweaking options, I really appreciate the possibility to “Tag” my albums.
I’ve calculated that my subscription costs me 1 Nespresso per day. And Roon does a much better job of keeping me awake long into the night. Well worth it, and much better for my blood pressure!
Roon, what else?

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your ideas are good, but we should just do that for the normal Roon app – not make a new app.

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