Tidal playback on mobile without syncing to a Roon core

I recently learned that I can play Tidal Master tracks on my iPhone using a third-party app called mconnect player: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mconnect-player-lite/id507379024?mt=8

It even works when I’m not on wifi and out and about, using cellular data.

The interface on this app is not very good, but it works. I can listen to Tidal Master tracks and not even have Roon running on my computer.

Yes, there is also the Tidal iOS app, however that has a maximum of CD quality, which isn’t bad, but not as good as the Master track quality.

It would be great if we could use the Roon iOS app to do this instead!

So my feature request is for the Roon app being able to play Tidal, including Master tracks, without having to sync back to the Roon core to do so.

You’re basically asking for fully mobile Roon. There are many requests for that and it’s been acknowledged as on the road map - without date prediction.

That implies mobile access to local tracks on a home computer or Roon server, which, while would be very nice, is not what I’m asking here. As an interim step, I’m asking for full Tidal access via the Roon mobile app.

I think what’s being asked for in fully mobile Roon is not necessarily just access to local tracks. The product could include several strands, and tidal streaming using a mobile connection (as the Tidal app already does) could be included if they want to. And bearing that in mind, I think it’s vanishingly unlikely that they would devote the time to an interim measure of including Tidal but nothing else.

Personally I use the Tidal app on my iPhone when I am travelling. That works ok for now.