Tidal playback stops after a couple of seconds

When I try to play Tidal tracks playback stops after a couple of seconds with the message that a network problem is interfering with playback (see attachment). There is no problem with the network and Tidal plays fine through both the Tidal app and my Linn player.

Please disregard, this seems to have been an adjustment problem on my Oppo HA1 DAC. Once I toggled the event driven mode off, playback went back to normal.

I have exactly the same problem, network ok, Tidal streaming via SOtM sms 200 and Cambridge dacmagic plus gives drop-outs.

I also have this problem. After a couple of minutes or so, I can play Tidal through Roon with no problem at all, but in the first moments, I am having this issue.

Having same problem with Tidal in Roon. Tidal (Canada) works fine thru web app (hifi account), first month free trial. Tidal in Roon loads, plays 7-15 seconds, then stops, with message stating that tune presently not available thru Tidal. It skips to next tune, with same result. No change with quitting Roon and restarting.
Roon version: 1.4, build 294, on Mac pro, El Capitan (10.11.6), 22 Go ram
music stored on internal hard disk, 1143 albums
music streamed by wifi to TP-Link -> ethernet -> Sonicorbiter SE -> USB -> Audiophillio -> SPDIF -> Audio Note DAC. Works great with Roon.