Tidal playlists created within Roon do not show up on Tidal app/PC/web interface

Hi guys,

I have just purchased Roon - I am having an issue where TIDAL tracks added as a playlist do not appear in TIDAL anywhere else - Either the app, PC or web interface. Is this sync actually meant to happen or do I just have the wrong expectations? Ive tried enable and disabling, logging in again etc etc. But so far no luck. Quite annoying as I cannot listen to these tracks elsewhere!

Tidal playlists created in the Tidal apps can sync with Roon, but not the other way around. Unfortunately, it’s a one way street. You would need to export any playlists created in Roon and then import them to Tidal using a service like Soundiiz or something similar. clicking on any Roon created playlist and then the 3 dots on the right gives you export options like M3U or CSV files that can be used for importing. Until roon has a 2 way sync function, these are your only options.

Omg! thats not good. Why is it not possible to have 2 way sync function?

You can use soundiiz export to move the playlist to soundiiz and then over to tidal.

Ok thanks! will try that. Thanks

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