Tidal Playlists not imported to Roon [Answered]_continued

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What specifically do I need to do to “resync…”, thanks @Dusty

Ah, figured it out - this is GREAT!

In Roon -

  • Settings / Services / Edit TIDAL / Sync library now

Alternatively, go to the tidal tab and press the refresh button in the top left corner.

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Ah, even easier. Never saw that until you called it out, @Dusty; thanks so much!

Now, do you have a way to populate TIDAL “mixes” to Roon, without first making them a “playlist”? @Dusty

There isn’t one for that as they are not currently available to Roon, only My Mixes. Save as playlist is the only way to get them into Roon.

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Thanks, @CrystalGipsy - figured as much. Not the end of the world. I was manually copy/pasting tracks from TIDAL playlists/mixes into Roon previously…

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