Tidal playlists not syncing

Usually playlists I create will be available by the next day at the latest but anything I have created in the past week hasn’t synced up. ( I create playlists on my Tidal app on my phone.) Hopefully a simple fix.

I should note I turned my server (Innuous zenith SE) off and on. What is weird is that after doing that it recognized updates to old playlists (I just added a dozen songs to an old playlist an hour before). But newly created playlists are still not showing up at least from the first of the month.

I just figured it out. Even though it is SUPPOSED to go by alphabetical it really doesn’t. I should have been suspicious that on an alphabetical list, Quentin Tarantino Film Songs was first. I had to sort by track count - find out how many tracks using my Tidal app - then find the list that way. Oh how I wished it had a sort feature by date added. Wasting categories on track count and length is regrettable when it could have been more practical.