Tidal price plans

Is the price of Family plan additional to the primary membership? IE: 19.99 + 29.99?
Or is it 29.99 for the whole account?


Isn’t it 50% off regular price for each user after the price of your main plan? Maximum of 4 additional users.


$19.99/month lossless plan. $9.99/month per additional lossless user or $4.99/month per additional lossy user.

So 5 family lossless users would be $60/month. 5 family lossy users would cost $30/month. Of course you can mix and match which plan each user gets.

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Ah! Ok… I need to investigate this further. I turned it on because my wife at home listens to tidal via roon and I do at work via my laptop and tidal app and we get disconnected because we are listening in different areas…

So I would have to create one account for me at home and one for me on the road?
So is not per device… Ugh… That kind of sucks…

I don’t know if it’s smart enough to know you have a family plan and let you use the same email login on both devices. I think you need different logins, but I could be wrong.

I saw the price and decided $15.99/month from Apple was the better choice for me and my apple loving nieces.

That’s my whole debacle… Damn price is killing me and my bank… Ugh… The integration with roon and my wife in love with it is my whole dilemma… Is hard to get my wife to learn new stuff, She picked up roon like spreading butter to bread… That’s a plus for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :smiley: :joy:

I need to think… or maybe not… lol

I am paying £29.99 for a Tidal Hi-Fi family plan for 5 users. I was paying £19.99 for me and half that for every additional user until recently when I logged into my account settings and was asked if I wanted to upgrade to the new family plan. This new plan doesn’t seem to be widely advertised though!


Even better here on the continent: €29.99 for up to six users in my family!

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A move in the right direction. The 50% per additional user was crazy.

Yes it was driving me mad too! I should have said that for £29.99, price includes five users plus me (6 in total) The non hi-fi plan is only £14.99 for 6 users per month.

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