Tidal Recommended Albums has added unwanted music into my library

Hello @support

I have just started with Roon and i am finding music and playing everything ok. Setup is Core on a Windows PC and Pi based bridge into a Chord Hugo.DAC

When i added Tidal during the initial setup i get asked about - Add Tidal Recommended Albums - I hit yes and now i have loads of unwanted tidal stuff in my library. Removing Tidal, doing a clean and readding just brings the same stuff back.

How do i have Tidal but only with the artist/albums i have added in Tidal (non of the Roon recommended options)


Hi @Robert_Sims have a read of the following, you are not the first person to have this problem. Remove Tidal Collections

@Ratbert Thank for the link i had a look at that earlier. The problem is the tags for the Tidal Collections are no present anymore. So i cannot filter them in the library view and remove.


Have you added any Tidal albums you want to keep? If not then select the album view then focus then in the focus window select the right arrow then select format and you should see a Tidal tick box? Tick it and you will be presented with all your Tidal albums, select 1, if on an iPad use a long press, you will then see a bar at the top showing the selected album with a box saying 1 selected, this is a drop down which allows you to select all, once you have done this the 3 dots access a menu where the delete option is, if you select delete you will DELETE ALL SELECTED ALBUMS, so be sure before you do it?
If you want to chat I have messaged you details.

This is a recurring theme and it happened to me too a year ago when I first Used Roon. I think there should be a warning that this will add a bunch of albums to your library, and what that means. Also a direct way to undo, not relying on focus and tags — like at least a button to the bookmark to get there.

I think the warning is already in place

That’s a warning? I’m a lawyer and write web content for a living. This is like something drafted by the marketing department.

For many users, Roon is the first time we try Tidal. We have no idea what it means to add albums to our Tidal library, much less that it will appear to put albums within our own collections. I think Roon could greatly reduce this recurring complaint by being much clearer in this messaging. And then add a form of “undo” that doesn’t require manual focus and tag usage.

I could do it now. I wasn’t capable of doing it the first week I had Roon.

It’s past history for me. But these questions pop like every week. At start, Roon feels enough like a runaway train without this added bit. I think it scares away potential customers.

Sheesh, why does this persist as an issue?

Since this causes many new users to complain, why does Roon insist upon the set up option to include Tidal Collections? Is that a requirement of Roon’s integration agreement with Tidal?

Next up, do new users lack reading comprehension before they click? And even if they do add Tidal Collections by mistake, why do many get so up in arms about unfamiliar music in their library? Big freaking deal.


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We are removing this feature from onboarding soon.


Ok. I should be clear. The feature is fine. Where it is in the workflow, it is like an intermediate skill requirement in the novice level. I kept many of the albums, but I did it manually in Tidal because that was all that seemed apparent at the time. Anyway, probably good not to have it there.

Thanks - All sorted using your info. @Ratbert


The problem is not anticipating the scale of the music being added and the fact it’s not intuitive to remove once it’s done. The new music is not the problem, scrolling through loads of artists and albums you don’t care for when browsing is just not fun.

Once I got to understand the interface it was easy to solve.

Sometimes it’s not always more is more…so often less is more and when starting out as a new user in this digital arena one small click can unsuspectingly kill a great feature when its not intended or understood.

I’m glad to hear this is being dropped for the initial install. At least thats what I think was implied. @mike

Maybe a KB location could be setup that gives users a place to explore some other features - things like expanding your collection with a tidal section for this feature after you are up and running with a basic setup or adding DSP options for room correction or upsampling or headphone settings etc.

Perhaps this exists in different locations now but I dont recall a specific “Now what else can I do with Roon” section :smiley:

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Mods have been flagging instances of this to the Devs for a while and I think removing it from onboarding is a good decision. As James said, working with tags is an intermediate level skill and best left for later.

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