Tidal/Roon playlist folders

Question below applies only, in my case, for Tidal albums under Roon and not local files:

Spotify has a great way of adding albums into separate folders under one playlist. By this I can “categorize” albums, for example create a playlist “HIFI Test” and under that playlist I can create separate folders for each test album I’ve selected as favorites from Tidal. If I have 4 album favorites from Tidal and put them under the created playlist, all 4 albums tracks are just thrown in one row which is disastrous for me!

If Spotify had it for several years, why can’t Roon/Tidal?
I understand the link between the two and if Tidal haven’t implemented it, Roon probably have a hard time to support it.

I’ve looked into tags etc. but I think folder support under playlists is so easy and intuitive (guess that’s why Spotify implemented it a long time ago) why I can’t understand why Tidal/Roon hasn’t done it yet???

If there’s another way I’ve missed out, supporting collecting separate albums under one playlist and not several albums tracks in one row, let me know :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback here @kenwin67. Can you give us a little more information about why Tags didn’t meet your needs here?

I’d like to make sure I understand exactly what you’re looking for here. Do you want to organize your playlists into folders? Or are you trying to create playlists that contain a mix of different kinds of items, (ie a playlist that has tracks and albums)?

Also, is your goal just to organize this content, or are you also looking to always play it in the same order?

The more information we have about what you’re looking for, the better we can do making sure Roon can meet those needs. I can’t promise we’re going to make any changes in the near future, but we do appreciate the feedback.

I’ve also shifted this out of Support, since it seems like things are working as designed here. Thanks again!

Hi mike
First, thanks for a great SW package, enjoying the sound quality and interface :slight_smile:

I’ve seen similar questions before and I’m surprised of the lack of knowledge on Spotify’s playlist structure.

The gain with this structure is that you can easily find and categorize your favorites, in the same way you work with windows file explorer.

Below are 4 screenshots from Spotify playlist structure where I go from highest playlist level through Hifi folder -> Renee Fleming folder -> album folder with their specific tracks… ain’t it beautiful :slight_smile:

Doing the same with Tidal/Roon would be one playlist with (based on, in this case, 192 albums) over 2000 tracks in one row…almost impossible to scroll through and select specific album and track, and you miss the overview you get with Spotify’s setup.