Tidal search anomaly

I found an odd error when searching for the Ryan Adams Live After Deaf album in Tidal. If i search for Ryan Adams, the album does not show up. if i search for Live After Deaf, it does. if i browse Ryan Adams from the Live After Deaf album (click on artist name), the album does NOT appear in a list of all albums.

Hi @woodford – we think we know the issues here, and it’s probably an bug in our database.

We’re opening a ticket up internally, and we’ll update this thread when we have a fix.

Thanks for the report!

I had a Tidal search anomaly whilst using the Track option.

If I logon to Tidal direclty and search for “Empire State of Mind” and move to Tracks I see: (Alicia Keys)

If do the search through Roon I get:

  • some more, but no Alicia Keys/Jay-Z - Is it a conspiracy? Could I have a focus set that is preventing the result I was expecting. Can anyone else see the track correctly through the search option?


I’m seeing inconsistent search results between Roon and TIDAL as well. In TIDAL, a search for Tron: Legacy returns the following three albums.

Where as with Roon, only a single album is returned along with a message indicating “No Results on TIDAL”.

What should be the expected behavior?