Tidal search in Roon

I have a recurrent problem with the Tidal search integrated in Roon. Many times it is not as good as Tidal itself in finding songs or albums. Today for example I tried to find the new „Perfect Duet“ by Ed Sheeran and Beyonce and there was no way that Roon search in Tidal was giving me this song to stream to my stereo. Using the Tidal app on my iPad though there was now problem at all finding the song. I would like to now why that is and if there is something Roon users can do about it

I just types perfect duet into Roon and the first song that came up on the list was a duet of Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé, is that not the one you want?

Yes, yesterday evening it didn‘t work, although the title was already out on Tidal. This morning Tidal via Roon finds the song, but says it is unavailable. Strange

Roon can lag behind Tidal for a few hours. New releases can take a little longer to show up in Roon.

I did the same and until today the result is still not showing that particular track.

Interestingly, when I tried to add that track into my playlist along with a few other songs, all the other songs show up on Roon but not that Perfect Duet.

Is anyone of you has the same issue?

Similar issues here. Played last night, now unavailable. I’m finding the disparity beween Roon Tidal and PC/app Tidal increasingly annoying

I often cannot find a track in Roon without knowing the Album. Example: Fat Bottom Girls by Queen. Roon search does not even show Queen’s Greatest Hits album as a choice. In Tidal it’s the first to come up in search. Is this how it’s supposed to work?