Tidal seems to have fewer new releases than Napster (Rhapsody)

I suppose this is just a general shout out to Tidal. I’m a sucker for new releases and generally scour the lists every Friday (release day in the UK).

While I trial Tidal, I have my Napster (Rhapsody) account running in parallel. So far Tidal appears thin on new release titles. Note, this isn’t a case of them just not showing up in Roon. These aren’t on the Tidal app. Some examples of significant omissions in the last two weeks:

Daughter - Not to Disappear
John Cale - Music for a New Society
King Charles - Gamble for a Rose
Savages - Adore Life
Tindersticks - The Waiting Room
Shearwater - Jet Plane and Oxbow

It may be that these get added later, but I would be interested to find out if longer term Tidal users have experienced the same.

Does Tidal have a more languid approach to filling in the new release gaps? It doesn’t seem to be a label/artist issue since singles from forthcoming albums are often present in Tidal’s library.

With the exception of “Savages - Adore Life”, all of the albums you mentioned are available on TIDAL in the US right now.

Which means they have the data, are importing it in a timely fashion, but the labels are not allowing them to display it to you (yet, hopefully).

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Thanks for checking, Brian. Borders, eh?! :smiley:

I run Spotify Premium in parallel to Tidal, and Spotify is much better at Friday updates.
New releases are always shown early hours of Friday but Tidal can be Friday evening with some releases. There catalogue is also behind Spotify especially with indie releases.

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I’m in Sweden and
Daughter - Not to Disappear
is present in Spotify but missing in TIDAL