TIDAL Sort By Date Added [Answered - Use Focus and Sort By Date]

(Brian Starewicz) #1


I was hoping to see a minor update to the way you can filter your favorite Tidal albums and artists. My use case is that I could be at work/on the road and hear about a new album/artist. I will add to my Tidal app on my phone or desktop and come home and want to listen on the home system using Roon.

Sorting by Date Added would be a big help to get to the new music faster.

Thanks for your consideration!

(Andrew P) #2

This has been around for a long time…

In album view:

  • Tap on Focus
  • In the focus pane scroll over to the right and tap ‘Format’
  • Select ‘TIDAL’
  • Close out the focus pane and you’ll see a list of all of your TIDAL albums (favorites)
  • In the upper right of the album view tap the ‘Sorted by…’ menu and select ‘Sorted by Date Added’

Voila, all of your TIDAL content sorted by the date it was added to your library (or favorited in the TIDAL app).

For future recall you can bookmark this view by tapping on the bookmark icon in the upper right and creating a bookmark.

(Brian Starewicz) #3

Awesome! I never would have found that. Thank you.