Tidal sound output

Good morning,
I am very new to the world of Roon, so please be patient.
I’ve set up my Roon settings along with a Signalyst HQPlayer and the sound is amazing for a short period of time, I’m also using Tidal and I think this is where the concern is.
If I click on settings in Tidal and go to streaming, in the sound output, I click on speakers (Naim DAC-V1. Audiophiles.com) at this stage the sound is great, however the tidal settings default to “system default” and the sound slows and becomes dramatically distorted… this happens every time!!!
Can you please assist???

Can you post a screenshot of your signal path as it is when the problem occurs?

I’m not certain this will help identify the problem, but it’s a place to start.

Can you play without problems from the Tidal Desktop app?

It sounds to me like you are using the tidal app to playback and perhaps not roon?there is no output setting in roon specifically for tidal content.


Please see the attached photo of the signal path.

1.I have no concerns playing Tidal from the desk top, I can also play Tidal through JRiver to get DSD with no concerns.

2.I can play Roon with Tidal when I select the my Naim DAC option in the audio setting, however when I select the HQPlayer, this is where the problem starts?