Tidal - stop asking me to use Waze

Slightly off topic, but I am at my wits end.

I use tidal - at home (with roon), in the car and on the go. And I love it.

But, when using the tidal app on my iPhone I am continually being bugged (requested) to use Waze. This request comes up as a blue bar at the top of the tidal app. There is a cross to turn it off - but the darn thing keeps coming back.

I didnt know what Waze was, so I looked it up. Fair enough. I didn’t download, I don’t want to download and I don’t want to use it. So how can I tell tidal to stop bugging me about this software. To me, I pay $25 a month to access tidal, I don’t want to be bugged to be using software from their partner programs. I have checked my app config and I have the Waze integration turned off.

I tried to ask this same question on a tidal Facebook group but I got labelled a troll and got kicked off after I complained about being called a troll. Apparently some folks didn’t believe me that I was getting an ad to use 3rd party software within the tidal app - and therefore I got abused etc. so be it.

so how can I not have this blue bar keep coming back. It is really annoying me.

Again, I know this is slightly off topic. I do use roon and tidal at home and love the combination, but when on the go, it is tidal on my iPhone and that is when I am being bugged about Waze. Any ideas how I can permanently get rid of this blue bar that tells me to use Waze.

On my phone, that only pops up if I have Waze navigation turned on in settings.

Happens still on my iPhone 12 pro even if Waze isn’t installed. It is really annoying, so hopefully they fix it :eyes:

Have you contacted Tidal support? I don’t think they’re reading this thread.