Tidal Streaming Dropouts

On a number of occasions when listening to a tidal stream, the tracks/albums are added to my library, but when playing the tracks there are either continuous drop outs, and/or Roon skips complete tracks in the queue

Adding Tidal tracks to your library does not copy the audio to your computer (we don’t have license to do that), so they’re always streaming in real-time from Tidal.

It’s likely that either Tidal is delivering content too slowly (this happens from time to time–they are scaling out aggressively right now, and don’t always keep pace with their quickly growing user-base), or that your network connection to them isn’t sufficient to keep up with the stream.

Roon aggressively preloads tidal streams to the greatest extent that we are permitted to. This smooths out a lot of issues when compared to, say, the Tidal web player running in FLAC mode, but until their servers are rock solid, we’re a little bit at their mercy here.

Just in case something else is going on, @kevin can you please help @Evo1668 grab some logs? Just want to make sure that my guess matches the reality.

I’ll PM you shortly to grab logs @Evo1668

I am pretty sure it’s not my network bandwidth, as I am able to stream HD video content easily; which I would guess is much more demanding on the network than purely audio content

Hey @Evo1668 – just circling back, as we finally have some time to look at the issue a little deeper. How has TIDAL been performing for you lately?

Obviously, we’re always working to do everything possible to keep TIDAL playback stable, but it’s important that when the network (or TIDAL’s streams) are having trouble keeping up, we let the user know, so we’re working on that as well.

Let us know how it’s going @Evo1668!

Just chirping in with my own experience if I may…I’ve been a Tidal subscriber since they launched & performance has never been as good as it is now via Roon. Compared to the Tidal desktop app, you guys have achieved way faster buffering and track seeking/switching, along with (yay!) gapless playback. I’ve also not experienced any dropouts at all lately. The latter may be more down to improvements to the Tidal infrastructure, but nevertheless, using Tidal has gone from a frustrating exercise to a real pleasure.

They’re doing a ton of work right now scaling up their infrastructure, so we can only take partial credit :wink:

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