Tidal Suggested New Albums vs. Roon Tidal New Albums

Tidal app Suggested New Albums vs. Roon app Tidal New Albums
Am I wrongly expecting these two to be the same?
– I am using the same login in both!
I love the suggestions in my Tidal app, but hate the suggestions in the Roon app.

Is there a way to clear the Roon app completely to get the suggestions syncing again?


Roon can only use the generic new releases that appears not the ones tailored to your listening habits this has been raised before. Not all of Tidals algorithms are available to 3rd parties via the API unfortunately.

Ah that makes sense! Thanks for the explanation.

So now the question: what’s the easiest way to reset Roon suggestions, assuming those are done by Roon?

Anything in Tidal section is direct from Tidal if you check the new releases section on their app in the Explore area it’s the same. It just doesn’t have access to Tidals curate stuff that’s related to your listening.

Roons recommendations come under New Releases for your on the Roon homepage. That uses Roons AI engine but it takes a while to start building a history of what you like from your library and why you and other play that’s similar, but then it’s often a bit behind.