Tidal support: Is anyone getting any answers whatsoever from them?

Not me. Haven’t been able to log in for 3.5 weeks and no answer from support. Haven’t been able to change password or anything. Jerks.

Is your account actually active and are you logging into their app or via Roon?

Yes, I do get a response from them (as an “anonymous” private user, not as a Roon employee).

Have you been using this link to log a ticket?


I’ve been going in via both the Tidal app and via Safari. Today, after kvetching loudly I finally got a reply.

I was crystal clear with them about checking all my email-boxes, yet they still said I probably wasn’t checking all my email boxes. I was always able to get the system to recognize my username, yet then they proposed the problem was me mistyping my username. I asked why no one had responded for 3.5 weeks and made a recommendation that they might refund that month’s payment, and they sent me a note saying they don’t refund for trial offers, even though I have been a subscriber since the first day of operation.

The bottom line is, thank you all so much for your kind help, but, especially given the cost of this streaming service, Tidal needs MAJOR help in the realm of customer service and support.

Agreed, Tidal customer support is terrrible and that’s putting it mildly.