Tidal sync issue

To begin, long-time user and huge fan of Roon, which saved my music life after disastrous outings with other platforms.

For some reason, Tidal is not fully syncing inside Roon – i.e., I have 528 albums favorited in Tidal, and only 105 of these albums have appeared after a full day of syncing in non-sleep mode. After reading the Roon community board, I removed the full “Roon” folder from the Finder library entirely, then reset my MacBook Pro back to factory settings, then installed and launched a fresh copy of Roon, but no joy. After a full day, the Tidal section of services still says, “Syncing library now,” which can’t be true.

Late 2018 15" MBP (32GB RAM, 2.9 GHz Intel Core i9) running latest version of MacOS Mojave (10.14.2)
Roon version 1.5, build 363, 64.bit
Tidal version, (W: 3.6.3–3) (NP: I have a “master” subscription.

Thanks for any input/suggestions.

I believe I’m having this same issue. If I add albums to Tidal, those albums never sync to Roon.

I can add Tidal albums from the Roon interface but the syncing within Roon seems slower than it was a few weeks ago.

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My 2 cents.
Had the same problem. Started a few days ago when i switched cores. I have 2.
Same symptoms: many Tidal albums not in the Roon library, Tidal service syncing all the time. Plus, i did not see any albums, playlist or what so ever in the Tidal main menu.
Core is Rock running on nuci5.
Problem solved by logging out from Roon, reinstalled Rock through the Roon webpage.

Had a quick search of the forum and there is a problem with the roon back end that they are working on.

Hello @Graham_Galt,

We are aware of this issue and working on it.
We will announce any updates in the thread that @ged_hickman1 posted regarding this issue.