TIDAL tracks don't start Radio?

Hi ,
I’m having frequent issues with radio not starting when the queue ends. Radio is turned on. This seems to occur only when my queue is streaming from tidal. It appears to operate properly when playing local files. Core is a headless mac mini. Files stored on a Qnap NAS.

Any ideas?

Radio will work with any content in your library, whether the files are local or streaming from TIDAL.

However, right now it won’t work for TIDAL content that’s not in your library. We are planning some changes for Radio and hope to address this when that work is complete, but I don’t have a firm time frame to share on that right now.

In general, I would recommend adding TIDAL content you like to your library, since so many features in Roon (like Focus, Discover, Radio, Favorites, etc) are based around your library.

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Thanks for the prompt reply!

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As a note for other users who are experiencing similar issues, I have found that Radio will also not work where the content is in my library but has no genre tags. At least one genre tag appears necessary for Radio to do its thing.

Hi All, as per the title, I really like the radio function but it’s just stopped automatically playing when my selected music has finished. I’ve clicked on the music playing & on the RHS the toggle for the radio is on?

Any tips?

Any chance they’re TIDAL tracks that aren’t in your library, as described above?

If not, can you tell us some more about the content you’re playing, and how you’re playing it?

I don’t have TIDAL, but I frequently get the same problem with Radio not starting after my playlist or queued songs finish playing

They were albums from TIDAL (masters) but I’m sure I added them to the library? I check tomorrow as I’ll wake everyone if I fire it up now.