TIDAL vs ROON TIDAL - Content Listing

I started a trial subscription with TIDAL at about the same time as ROON. I then paid for an annual subscription to ROON. Of course, TIDAL appears in the ROON menu, and I access it.
My problem is that the content that I have in the separate version of TIDAL is much more extensive than the version that I access within ROON. Why, and is there anything that I can do about it?

What sort of content are you referring to?

By more content I mean more artists in each genre.

My main concern is not so much what content, but the fact that there are differences. My assumption was that TIDAL is TIDAL.

If I understand you correctly, you are referring to the New Albums under a TIDAL genre, e.g. Pop. This is the same that you’ll see in the TIDAL app: Explore, Pop, New Albums.

If you want to explore artists by genre go to BROWSE > Genres. You’ll find TIDAL releases there too.