Tidal won't play behind coporate firewall but roon will!

In the past when listening to Tidal @ work I had to download albums and listen from my phone. The Tidal desktop player won’t work on my corporate network (and streaming via chrome stinks!). Roon plays fine! Which is great, but just wondering why it works but not the Tidal desktop player??


not clear if you are saying that Tidal through Roon works Ok or just Roon itself works OK? At my place of work, any music streaming sites are blocked, so tidal or spotify etc wouldn’t work. If the Roon URLs are not classified as streaming sites (which they aren’t, but misclassifications are not uncommon) then in theory it would all work with Roon Core on the device. It is only accessing metadata.

I meant that Tidal via roon works, but not the native Tidal app. Spotify works on my corporate network, so maybe specific ports/URLs that Tidal needs are blocked. Anyway, roon streams tidal very nicely. There’s a small lag when I initially press play but not between tracks once play back starts.

OK, so perhaps Roon plays tidal via a different URL (that isn’t blocked) or redirects it through its own servers? If you put an app called Fiddler on your laptop you can see what URLs are involved in the traffic.

Nice! Thanks for the link. I’ll try it out.

Tidal needs all these

But Roon only seems to need 80, 443 and 9100-9200, or something like that. No mention of extra ports needed for tidal.

I see the same behavior when I use Roon on my employer’s network. I’m unable to play music from the Tidal desktop application, but Roon streams tracks from Tidal just fine. Not that I’m complaining!