Timeline for now playing fix, please!

How much longer? Are we talking hours, days, months? I just want the now playing screen with album artwork back. I can’t enjoy Roon without it.

So, what’s the prognosis? I’ve been checking the “about” in the program incessantly.

Please don’t make us wait much longer.


Spence, I ran across this, and for the life of me I cannot figure out what you are talking about. You might wish to elaborate to improve the odds of a response.

My “now playing” is working, BTW.

I’m talking about the horrible “artist” display in the now playing screen. Need the album artwork instead. I can’t even play stuff with it the new way. I’m worried we’ll be waiting forever for this most important fix. That is all!

You can look at the release notes section to get a feel for the cadence of our releases. The update I can give you right now is that product team met yesterday, spec’d out a big list of changes related to all the feedback we received, and those changes are now being designed.

As of this morning, no code has been written yet, and neither alpha testing nor QA testing has started on any of these changes, obviously. I’m 100% confident we’ll get this right, but this is a process, not a bug fix.

We are making real changes based on the feedback we’ve received (positive and negative), but we’re not going to rush these designs out in a couple of days, and we’re not going to ship something before it’s fully tested – some people may not like the new Now Playing design (and that’s fine) but all Roon customers expect us to ship a stable fully-tested product, and no amount of UI feedback or posts like these are going to affect that.

We don’t generally talk timelines – when the next release is done, it will go live. And while we don’t usually make commitments about exactly what’s coming, I can tell you with some certainty that album view in Now Playing will be included, whenever it ships.

For now, we appreciate everyone’s patience, and all the feedback – keep it coming.


Thanks for the update on the update. I was hoping the “now playing” fix would come out before any other changes. Only because it was missed so much. But I understand you need to do your due diligence. I love Roon and was just taken by surprise by this.

So, good luck in making these changes. Sorry if I came off kinda harsh.



Any update on the update?? It’s been a week since 1.6 dropped. Sorry but I just wanted the “now Playing” to show album art. I guess I should stop holding my breath…

I kinda like the new look and feel, don’t see your problem here? Why not just enjoy the music and let the Roon staff do their job?


Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Take a pill, fer chrissake.


There’s nothing enjoyable about the now playing screen after the update. It’s a disaster as has been pointed out. All I wanted was a quick fix so I could play an album and see the artwork and not some random getty image. Do I honestly think that would take a week to fix? No, But I suck. And I’m bored af. I was just asking. Maybe it’ll be spring? I don’t know. In my opinion this broke it for me and I can’t enjoy it. I apologize for being a dick.

Do not speak in terms of us, please. For me it”s a lovely screen.


To each his own. I’m not into karaoke or random band pics. Or streaming services. I am into albums stored locally. And AllMusic for reviews. I’d be fine with all the changes which I don’t use if they just hadn’t removed the artwork in now playing. That’s when it became personal. A head scratcher!

It’s not a disaster, fire,flood or famine are disasters. A missing bit of art, flipping heck.


haha. You’re right. I’m being completely overdramatic to try and prove my stupid point. I’ll stop and wait for the update. Then I will respond with my many thanks. Thanks for the reality check!


…just close your eyes, lie back and think of England…

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Or a relevant country or territory of your choice.

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I’ve spent maybe 2 minutes in Roon’s now playing screen over the last 4+ years. I find instead if I sit back and close my eyes the soundstage becomes more focused and the music envelopes me.

Obviously I’m doing it wrong and I should be looking at a now playing screen, specifically with large album art. I can’t think of any other reason it would be a disaster not having it.


Yeah. Like I said, to each their own. I’m just being impatient. And childish. Carry on…


Oh let us have our fun for just a bit longer :wink:


Bump. Sorry…


Dude! Chill! It will get done when it gets done. Don’t count on it happening in the next few weeks either. If they get it done faster than that, great, but don’t count on it. Just wait for the next release…there is no need to bump this again UNLESS the new release comes and your issue is not fixed. Bumping doesn’t get this problem fixed any faster.

You clearly know you are being ridiculous since your apologized.

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