Timing of watched folder import

I just moved a bunch of files into a watched folder, but they don’t show up in Roon. What to do? Is there an import command? Quit roon and relaunch?

You can go to settings => storage and click on the gears next to your folder name to force a rescan.

(But I also wonder how often is the watched folder actually watched.)

Mine seems to update right away but the new albums don’t actually show up in the overview. I need to click overview and then “view all”. Would be nice if the newest stuff actually should up on overview without the need to view all.

If under the watched folder it says watching for files in realtime, then its not scanning, its asking the operating system to monitor any changes to the filesystem.

What type of watched folder did you add? local path or SMB or AFP? Is Roon on a Mac or Windows?

There are some distinctions here related to how we deal with network drives on OSX, but these distinctions are going away with our next release.

Starting with the next update, OSX users will have real-time folder watching, and file changes will show up in Roon in seconds, without needing a rescan.

I’m not seeing a rescan option, just disable and remove. Do I disable and reenable?

See where it says “Watching for new files in realtime”, that means there is no rescan because the OS tells us what to watch.