Tinkering for listening tv/video streaming on my DAC


I have an issue with my Panasonic TV when plugged on my x sabre pro mqa DAC using optic output/inputs on my 2.0 system (2 ground-floor speakers).
As soon as, I am watching a content that has 5.1 capability or more, the voices are not strong enough vs. music and effects. I know that this is a well known issue but I have not found a solution. I am only watching movies over different streaming services (amazon prime, Netflix, orange).
Is there any magic box that can downmix properly the content on the fly for a 2.0 system? Just to get a correct equilibrium between voices and the rest?
Is there any tinkering that can be done (raspberry pi or else?).
Thanks for your help.

Hi @Judelow, have you tried getting the TV to do the down-mixing explicitly, i.e. output stereo rather than 5.1 over the optical. I have an LG TV but this did the trick for me. Any tinkering would be an extra encoding step, this is a good place to start but it’s unlikely to prove that useful and may (for RPi implementation read WILL) introduce a delay in the audio. Again you can probably fix this by introducing an audio lag in the TV settings but it’s a painful set of tweaks that are far from guaranteed to give you good results. What’s the TV model?

Thanks for your answer.
My TV is a Panasonic TX-50CX700E UHD 3D, I bought it in 2015. I have not been able to find the right parameter in the configuration menu. I agree this would be the easiest way.


pg. 88 try setting Audio Preference to stereo
pg. 89 try SPDIF setting to PCM

This is what happens when I’m sat in front of a report I DO NOT want to write.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Thanks so much :pray:
I will let you know as soon as I am home.

Hi @Judelow. Any joy?

Hi Carl
Unfortunately it is not working. I cannot find the right option to activate.

For spdif selection I have the choice between auto and pcm…

What’s under audio preference? PCM should be good BTW.

So I think try setting stereo under audio preferences in the second picture. Again good luck @Judelow

Audio preferance is : auto or mpeg

I noticed that sound set up is also input dependant and shall be configured for each.

Also forgot to mention, on hdmi3 a chromecast is connected and casts amazon prime video most of the time. The issue with voice is also encountered in this configuration

Thanks again