Tired of restarting 1.8 to use endpoints

Have to disagree. Most likely some network/local issue with hardware/software conflicts since a tiny number of the 250k users are reporting this.

Getting back into that old threadmill, are we? Just because a problem does not exist for me, it is impossible that this problem exists at all! Even so Roon has long since regonized that there is an issue.

Alternative reality still going strong.


I had the same issue, but not for every endpoint. For the disappearing endpoints the problem was gone after loading defaults in the respective device settings.

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If you can’t properly configure all your system, I suggest to outsource a paid configuration to a professional … On correctly set up systems 1.8 simply works.

No offense - but there are no such miracles that even the faultless software will work in every “cluttered” OS or Net environment …

Yes it is my friend, it’s affecting lots of users including myself and mainly usb connected ones. They still show up in audio devices you just don’t see them in the zone picker. There is a very long thread on it and Roon are investigating.


Roon team is aware of it since 10 days

That’s interesting.
Which sort of non-standard settings were you using?
And did a single reset allow you to again enable DSP, or whatever deviant behavior you had adopted, without penalty?

I appreciate your sympathy during these troubled times.

And you’re right, ROCK is a terribly cluttered OS.

Support thread on the same issue: Have to restart Core for it to see my DAC

I have to disagree. The issue we’re experiencing did not exist prior to the update. Nothing else has changed, at least in my own environment.

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This is a great idea. Thanks! I will perform and report back.

This issue is one of two issues driving me nuts with 1.8 (the other is Tidal streaming is giving me errors). Both issues however are resolved (at least temporarily) by restarting the roonserver service on my Ubuntu box. Finally I just set a cron job to restart the service every morning at 5am which seems to help a lot.

For those suggesting it might be “networking problems”, I’ll just say I’ve had the job title of “Networking Engineer” and the only thing having issues on my network is Roon. Tidal streaming using the Tidal app works fine. My Core & Endpoints are connected via ethernet so no concern of wifi issues. Also, if it’s a “networking issue” why does restarting roonserver fix it every time? Note that restarting the endpoint doesn’t help.

Never had the endpoints issue with 1.7. The Tidal streaming issue was occasional, but 1.8 is about 10 times worse.

I’m having the same issue unfortunately. It didn’t exist for me before 1.8, nothing has changed on my system except the upgrade to 1.8 and now I have to restart Roon server nearly every day. I’m running Rock on NUC.
It only takes a minute to restart Roon server (I don’t need to restart the core) but is becoming very annoying alongside the issue with Android devices where I have to force close the Roon app 3+ times before it will boot past the splash screen.
This has made Roon a PITA to use and has been a massive backwards step in encouraging my other half to use the music set up.

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I am having the same issue. After 1.8, I have to restart RoonServer for Roon to see my NA8005. Never had to do this before 1.8.

Roon 1.8 Crashes several times PER MINUTE.
iOS iPhone app crashing like crazy. when trying to use… not linked to any specific Roon function.

quits completely (not a freeze).
iOS 14.4 iPhone 12 Pro.

My devices have disappeared 3 times since the update to 1.8. It was frustrating the first time since I didn’t know the solution since then it takes all of 3 minutes to restart the Zen Mark 3. First-world problems.

Although it’s an issue, I don’t see why anybody would start yet another thread to complain about it after Roon announced it was working on the problem and would probably issue a fix early next week. Unlss Roon’s fix fails, a couple more days of patience should be rewarded.


@Brad_Burnside Can you place your Roon Core on an alternate device. I’ve used an imac desktop for almost five years, and for the most part it’s been trouble free. Only issue was the Apple Catalina rollout, and I just shifted the Roon Core to a laptop PC until they fixed the software bug (external music storage was rendered useless). If you can temporarily shift your Roon Core, that could be a good temporary fix.

My devices are also disappearing!

Thanks, David, for your reasonableness. We do crave calm.

I was just spleen-venting late last night when I had to restart the server for the umpteenth time…

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