Titles of discs in a multi disc set


Would it be possible to display the titles of individual discs in a multi disc set instead of just Disc 1, Disc 2 etc?

For example I have the double album “further east / further west” by Bill Frisell. The first album in the set is called “further west” and the second is called “further east”.

I have many other examples.

Would be nice to identify these discs by their title.



Agreed, there is a tag for this in the vorbiscomments and MP3 taglist. The vorbiscomments name is discsubtitle - it’d be great if Roon used if when present. I don’t believe Rovi supply such metadata, however, if it’s present in a user’s metadata it should be leveraged and provision should also be made for it to be able to be added to any multi disc sets. Discsubtitle and its MP3 equivalent should also be included in search results.

In Sooloos we used to creat ‘Works’ which neatly grouped tracks together in an intuitive way. Eg Rod Stewart had a ‘Fast Side’ and a ‘Slow Side’ on his albums. In this example it was easy to just play either in one click.
The Bonus tracks and Original Album on an extended re release could be similarly differentiated.

I thought I knew everything on Sooloos, but this one escaped me. Are you talking about how you can preface sequential tracks with something followed by a colon so that they appear as multiple sections of a single track? I do know about that, but I’m wary of making an edit to my metadata that is useless in any other platform.

While we’re in the feature request section, personally, I’d kill to have Roon flag the bonus tracks and give you the ability to only play the original album.

That’s the trick I was referring to. Don’t do anything unless it’s sanctioned to work or your happy to experiment.
It would be a handy feature I think.