Tivoli Audio Model One as Roon endpoint by Pi Zero & IQaudIO Pi-DAC Zero

Just for fun wanted to share my kitchen project. :slight_smile:

I had for years Tivoli Model One Radio. It gives simple, but pleasant soft sound, and fits in design. Now having whole house Roon enabled, I was missing Roon streaming in the kitchen.

Just gave a new life to my old friend with small DIY project :heart_eyes:

  • HW Raspberry Pi Zero, IQaudIO Pi-DAC Zero, EDUP WiFi USB, and 12-5V power converter
  • SW DiePi, and SqueezeLite

Some pictures to share

Would love to have done it with RoonBridge, but unfortunately as Pi Zero is with ARMv6, at least currently there is no Roon SW on it. Nevertheless, sound is losses Bit-perfect on my 10 year old mono kitchen radio… :joy:



I’ve done the same with a Pi 3 and IQaudIO Pi-DAC+

It’s a bit small to fit it all in, but with a bit of ‘tinkering’ you can make it work.
I’ve created an extra outlet connector for powering the Pi/DAC.
Separate power circuits, best for the sound, I’ve found out.

Shielding is recommended, to prevent the FM reception to be influenced by the Pi.

And, it’s running on the official RoonReady firmware :slight_smile:
Awesome sound, with Roon 1.3 and DSP Sample Rate conversion on.

Even if you can’t build it in, I can recommend adding a Pi/DAC to the Tivoli Audio models to everyone!

Would be cool if they would build it in themselves in the future :wink: