I found on the hi res sight (Flac). Anyone know if there is a url to add this into Roon?

yes, there is

But I have added the station to the main database anyway.

Oh my, there is something very wrong with this stream. The sound quality is very poor, same from website and in Roon.

@George_Carlson Do you notice this too?

There’s a lot of clipping going on. Dont know why.
I Need to introduce volume adjustment

EDIT Ignore that. It’s my dsp that doesn’t like it. If I turn it off, there’s no clipping.

I haven’t tried it yet - maybe tonight, this weekend for sure

So I hear what you all have said. The signal has a very fatiguing Mid-upper treble.

I eliminated eq and upsampling but it is not listenable IMO. I’ll try a couple of other things like not playing through HQ player, and or cutting the offending frequencies thru the peq. I hope I can solve this because I like their selections.

I did a bit of (naive) analysis.

Here’s a spectrum of Tme (linear freq scale to show better near the 22.05 limit)

and here’s a corresponding spectrum for Radio Bluesflac (Also 44.1 flac)

I’m no expert but that’s not a nice roll-off on Tme.

The problem appears to be because of sudden spikes in the audio

which explains my clipping and the high frequency effects.

Thanks that’s a big help. The adjustment needed will have a much wider “q” than what I was working with.

I’ve also cut out HQ sampler altogether and run it right out of the ultra Rendu to my Oppo. Definetly easier to tame especially knowing what the spectrum is.

I haven’t noticed the sudden peaks in the signal but I probably will now! Lol.

Thanks for all the help.

I wonder if they know about the spikes - seams like that would be something they could address , not sure about the spectrum issues.

Very listenable now - might still need to mess a bit with it but I never would have guessed this curve with just my ears. Thanks again.

Looking closer at the spectrum analysis I added another narrow dip just under 22k. I can’t really notice a difference 62 year old ears) but it might help avoid ear fatigue so I’ll keep it.

But now I hear the spikes quite clearly. Sort of a muffled click every so often.

Totally non related but I recently bought a lighter for the stove that uses an electric arc to light the flame. I can’t hear anything but my daughter screams every time I use it because it hurts her ears. So now I have to give her warning so she can cover them. I guess that explains why she can sing in tune all the time and I struggle with it.

It also bothers my dog Beau, but he can’t cover his ears. He can’t sing either so he’ll just have to deal with it.

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Spikes - Don’t know, I’ll try and find out if they correspond to flac audio frames or something.