Tobias Jesso, Jr. - Goon missing AMG review

All other metadata is there, but the AMG review is missing, although it does exist.

The album on AMG -
The album on Tidal -



Try re-identifying the album (go to the blue pencil on the right). Roon is probably displaying the Tidal metadata and not the AMG metadata.

Just tried that, nothing changed.
The album was released in March, it’s not a new release. So it’s unlikely that it will suddenly get new metadata that’s not been in the Roon DB before.

Did you go through the whole process of accepting the identification, even though it might say that metadata is already being used?

That’s not the point in this case. There are several issues.

  1. Roon doesn’t always match Tidal releases to its own metadata database, relying instead on the inferior Tidal metadata.
  2. Even when it does try to fully identify Tidal releases, if one track is wrong it can think it identified correctly but not display the metadata properly.

Both of the above issues are often fixed by re-identifying. It can make full metadata and review appear even for apparently identified Tidal albums.

(The Roon metadata server updates weekly, so you’re right that if Rovi has good metadata more than a week ago, it should already be in the Roon database.)

Yes, I went through it even though there was only one option for the metadata, that was already being used.

Thanks for clarifying this. In that case though, if there’s a “Tidal release” version and another, full metadata release, I should see 2 options when trying to re-identify, right?
I always try to re-identify when I run into situations like this.